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Photos from Ostrów Mazowiecka

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Photos from the early 1920s to mid 1930s submitted by Alan Droz (Lansing, Michigan)



People identified in the photos include Bella Berenholc, Chana Berenholc, Masha Albester, Enia. If you can identify others in these photos, please contact the webmaster.


This is the background information Alan Droz sent with the photos: "These photos belonged to my cousins, Bella (1917-2002) and Chana (1918-1999; married name in the U.S., Helene Faytelowicz) Berenholc, daughters of Pearl Kohn and Mendel (or Froim Mendel) Berenholc. They carried them from Ostrow to Bialystok on their flight from the Nazis in fall, 1939, and subsequently on their July, 1940 exile by the Soviets to Camp Jumpasz, a forced labor camp near Kirillov in Russia's Vologda region. There, Soviet authorities confiscated some of their photos as too "bourgeois."  After the family was freed in August, 1941, pursuant to an agreement between the Soviet Union and the Polish government in exile, they made their way to a work camp in Emba in the Aktubinsk region of Kazakhstan. Sadly, that is where my cousins’ father, Mendel, died in January, 1944.


In April, 1946, they and their mother, Pearl, were repatriated to Poland, settling in Kladzko in Lower Silesia which was now part of Poland.  In 1948 they made their way to Paris, France, where they lived until leaving for America to join relatives. They sailed out of Bremerhaven in December, 1951, on the U.S.N.S. General M.L. Hersey under the auspices of the U.N.’s International Refugee Organization. The family (and these photos) finally reached their new home in Detroit, Michigan, in January, 1952."


Class1 Friends1

Class Photo 1


Friends Photo 1


Group Photo 1


Class Photo 2


Friends Photo 2 Group Photo 2  
Class Photo 3

Friends Photo 3


Group Outing 1



Class Photo 4


Friends Photo 4 HaShomer HaTzair2  

Class Photo 5


Friends Photo 5 HaShomer HaTzair3  

Class Photo 6


Friends Photo 6 HaShomer HaTzair4  
Class Photo 7

Friends Photo 7


HaShomer HaTzair5    


HaShomer HaTzair6




HaShomer HaTzair Outing1





HaShomer HaTzair Outing2



Group Party



Group Winter