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Declarations of Admiration and Friendship Between Poland and the United States

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The U.S. Library of Congress has digitized and published online images of the Declarations of Admiration and Friendship between Poland and the United States. The volumes contain submissions from more than 5 million school children as well as representatives of religious, social, business, academic, and military institutions.

This collection of 111 volumes of signatures and greetings was presented in 1926 to President Calvin Coolidge to commemorate the 150th anniversary of U.S. independence and to acknowledge American participation and aid to Poland during World War I. Richly illustrated with original works by prominent Polish graphic artists, the volumes were assembled over an eight-month period with submissions from nearly one-sixth of the population of Poland as it then existed. Read more here.

The collection is organized for easy viewing with links direct to the digital archive. You can browse the signatures to see who attended schools in Ostrow-Mazowiecka through the following pages: