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Photos of the Tejtel Family

Teitel Siblings  Joseph Teitel 1923 Avigdor Tejtel Etka Tejtel
Tejtel Siblings Joseph Tejtel, 1923 Avigdor Tejtel Etka Tejtel
Etka and Sister Frooma Isser Haya-Clara
Judith, Morris' youngest sister, with Etka, who married Schmuel. Judith died in Israel. Fruma, sister of Morris. Died in the Holocaust along with two daughters. Isser Haya-Clara
Mariem and Husband Mariem Teitel Grave Site  
Mariem and her husband, Moshe Levite Mariem Tejtel Tombstone of Hersz Tejtel, who died in 1919. It and all the other stones have "disappeared" from the two Jewish cemeteries in Ostrow.  
Family Photos Photos from Ostrow
Album Pages. Top: Herschel Tejtel, died 1919, and Bella Gitel S'Gal Tejtel, Morris' parents, lived and died in Poland.
Bottom: Morris (Mowsza Tejtel in NYC soon after coming to the U.S. from Ostrow in 1912 or 1913.
Top: Avigdor, Chavka and Hersz. Lower photo is described with photos of sawmill.

Photos courtesy of Gerald Cook